1. What’s the best way to have the music I’ve selected played at my wedding ceremony? A lot of Wedding celebrants have their own PA systems and will offer this as part of their service, check that this is something that is offered when booking a celebrant. There are also many bands and musicians that cater for wedding ceremonies. We have a PA system that can be incorporated into a package.

2. Is there any protection for me if it starts raining at the last minute?
Yes, we always take a couple of large white umbrellas with us to every wedding, just in case it is needed! We can supply Parasols into a Package. They are great for photos and they also keep the sun of on a hot day.
3. I have some great ideas that you don’t offer, are you open to suggestions?
Yes, our main aim is to supply you with the wedding that you have always dreamt off,  if you have any ideas or suggestions, we would be more than happy to try and accommodate you.
4. Is my deposit refundable?
No, once your deposit is paid, it is non refundable. terms and conditions in our .pdf will explain everything.
5. Can we come and see a wedding that you are doing.
We have weddings every weekend in the warmer months and we would be more than happy if you wanted to come and have a look.

6. None of your wedding packages are right for me. Are there any other options?
Yes, any combination is possible just contact us for a quote on what suits you best.

7. I like your wedding packages but I don’t need that many chairs, is the price still the same if I choose to have less chairs?
No the price would be cheaper, depending on how many chairs you would need.
8. My wedding dress is blue and I am worried that white decorations will clash with my colour scheme?
Don’t worry, you don’t have to have white as your base colour. There are many options open to you. Let use help co ordinate a suitable colour.
9. What colour options do I have for my chair covers and sashes?
We have a wide range of colours for you to choose.  Let me know what colour you are having and we can organise what you want.

10. I am having my wedding on an excluded spot on the beach can you help ?              Please be kind to us! setting up equipment on sand is hard work and trolleys are not an option. We hope there will be easy access to the wedding site (not a cliff with 50 stairs!!)

11. I’m not very good at drawing maps, how do I explain where
my ceremony location is?
Try HTTP://maps.google.com.au/
This website will help you zoom right in to your ceremony location, then all you need to do is print and draw your directions on yourself!

12. Do I need a permit to have a garden wedding ceremony?
Yes, you do need a permit if your staging your wedding ceremony in a public park, garden or even on the beach. Most councils charge a fee and have rules and regulations they like you to adhere to.

13. How do I go about getting permission to have my wedding ceremony on a beach?
Ringing the local council is the best place to start. If they can’t help you, they will put you on to someone who can.

14.What do I do if it’s raining heavily on my wedding day?
Nobody can predict the weather and unfortunately sometimes this does happen. You should always have a back-up plan in place so if the unimaginable happens we can deal with it, or better still hire a marquee just in case!
We also have rain umbrella packages so you can supply them to your guests for protection
Please be aware that if its raining or the ground is muddy with puddles we will be unable to roll your carpet aisle out.

15. I would like to make a booking , what payment options do you except?
We except direct deposit, cheque, money order, or cash.

16. The gardens where we are having our wedding ceremony are very strict about things being staked into the ground. Will this be a problem?
No, all of our equipment is designed around this issue and nothing we stock requires to be pegged or staked into the ground!

17. Do you have set venues for us to choose from?
No, we come to the location of your choice.

18. How does it work, Do you set the ceremony up for us?
Yes, we set everything up and then pack it all away for you, all you need to do is turn up and get married!

19. What sort of deposit is required to book your services?                                    

 Its a $150.00 deposit to secure your booking and the balance is due 14 days prior to your wedding.